Alloy Wheel Set Refurbish

Seem to be doing lots of wheels at the moment! Had to refurbish this set of alloys, usually I don’t like doing ones with too many spokes. However these where only scuffed on the top of the spokes so didn’t need to do too much repair work.

After a little sanding and a tad bit of filler here and there they where ready to spray. What takes the longest is the prep work before being able to spray such as masking off etc.

Alloy wheel mid repair

After all four where done and looking shiny it was time to go home for a well deserved drink. It was a hot day!

Alloy wheel scuffes repaired



Honda Alloy Wheel Refurbish

All four wheels on this Honda were fully refurbished. The damage was minimal but rust patches and paint flake was consistent over the surface.

The effected areas are sanded and rubbed down ready for priming with undercoat.

Alloy Wheel Refurbish Repair

The wheel is then sprayed with silver and lacquered. We use high quality 2K lacquer that is durable, ideal for the abuse roads give to wheels.

Alloy Wheel Refurbish Finish


Alloy Wheel Refurbish

Many alloy wheels can be repaired by keeping the repair area local. However, there does come a time when a wheel is so badly scuffed all around that its easier to refurbish the whole wheel. In this example the wheel had certainly seen better days.

The wheel is cleaned up and rubbed down with the scuffs being sanded out, sometime a little filler is added to the worst scuffs.

Alloy Wheel Recondition Run Down


Next the wheel is primed and rubbed down a few times, this removes any scratches and blemishes. Eventually the wheel will be ready for a colour coat.

Alloy Wheel Recondition Under Coat


Once the colour has been sprayed on and inspected from all angles the lacquer is sprayed on.  This will be a high quality 2k lacquer to help give the wheel a high quality shine with decent depth.

Alloy Wheel Recondition Finished