Sticker Removal

Blue Van Damage Blue Van Door & Arch Repair February 27, 2016 - This was an interesting job to do as the van had damage on both the wheel arch and the door. Usually a door repair is outside the scope of SMART repair, but the damage was very much on the far right and not breaching into the middle of the door. The first thing to do […]
sticker on bumper Quick Sticker Removal April 20, 2015 - Sometimes when buying a car the previous owner may have left an old sticker on it, perhaps symbolising where they are from or a fan club sticker etc. Luckily these stickers can be quickly removed and the sticky residue cleaned up. Sometimes if the sticker has been left on for a long time there is […]
Tatty Stickers Tatty Chequers Removal March 14, 2015 - They may look good when new, but after many years stickers can fade, break apart, crack and generally just look tatty. Smarter Cars can remove these and polish up afterwards making the car look a lot smarter again.