1936 Ford Austin

Worked on a classic 1936 Ford Austin to repair some rusty areas specifically around the trims. As we use cellulose based paints we could easily match the colour and also spray a shiny coat on without the need for lacquer. This helps keep the car as original as possible.

As you can see the trims have started to rust and bubble causing paint to flake away.

ford austin rusty trims

After some sanding, and a little bit of filler the area was primed and rubbed down a few time to get a nice smooth finish.

ford austin rusty trims mid repair

Once the main coat of paint was applied and blended out the look was as good as new.

ford austin rusty trims repaired

Work was also done on the front wings, again rust was appearing on the trims.

ford austin rusty wing

The rust scabs and bad areas were grind out to reduce the chances of rust coming back and to stabilise the area for a bit of filler and primer.

ford austin rusty wing mid repair

A final black coat of mainly thinners was applied to give a nice shine and the area blended out.

ford austin rusty wing repaired

After a clean up, some black polish and various touch-ins this classic Austin was ready to go to events and be presented for all to enjoy.

1936 ford austin finished