Other Types of Repairs

Van Damage Back Corner Back Corner Of Van September 27, 2017 - This van got a nasty knock from behind, the black plastic bumper was squished and the back arch was also dented. The door hinge also needed some attention. With some wiggling about to get things back into alignment it was then just a matter of body repair. The black bumper was repaired first, then the […]
wing-damage Car Make Over December 6, 2016 - Spent a day going over this car and giving it a make over. It had damage on the front wing, at the bottom of both doors and other various scuffs around all four corners of the bumper.   As it was the value of the car would be severely impacted, not to mention that look […]
car interior upholstery damage Jag Interior Upholstery Repair November 15, 2016 - As we use special plastic paints that can flex and will not peel we can also repair the inside of a car such as the upholstery. This works in a similar fashion to a repair made to a plastic trim found on doors and bumpers. Using this technique a repair was made to this handbrake […]
1936 ford austin 1936 Ford Austin August 11, 2016 - Worked on a classic 1936 Ford Austin to repair some rusty areas specifically around the trims. As we use cellulose based paints we could easily match the colour and also spray a shiny coat on without the need for lacquer. This helps keep the car as original as possible. As you can see the trims […]
Blue Van Damage Blue Van Door & Arch Repair February 27, 2016 - This was an interesting job to do as the van had damage on both the wheel arch and the door. Usually a door repair is outside the scope of SMART repair, but the damage was very much on the far right and not breaching into the middle of the door. The first thing to do […]
Rusty Wheel Arch Rusty Lower Wheel Arch February 22, 2016 - A common problem with a Ford Focus are rusty lower wheels arches. However, they are easy to repair and blend.
KA Rust KA Rust November 27, 2015 - Ford KA rust around the petrol cap is very common, though we can not guarantee rust it can be repaired and paint matched and blended out.   The repair certainly makes the car look smarter.
Headlight Polish May 2, 2015 - Plastic headlights are becoming the norm and unfortunately they are often forgotten about when cleaning cars. ¬†UV light from the sun can often cause them to slowly fade and become yellow, giving a fog-like look. Eventually this will not only effect your night-time visibility from your lights, but can even fail its M.O.T. However these […]
Window Trim Rust Spots Window Trim Repair March 24, 2015 - Stone chips can happen anywhere and hitting an aluminium window trim can cause the chip to easily rust and bubble up.  
Door & Arch Damage Door & Arch Damage March 3, 2015 - Some door damage can be fixed, but this greatly depends on location, colour and if the door has a trim. In this example the damage to the door is beyond what a SMART repair is, however, being white the door and arch was able to be repaired.