Alloy Wheel Repair

We specialise in alloy wheel repair. We not only fix minor scuffs and dents, but can also carry out full refurbishments. Scuffs and dents can easily be repaired without even taken the wheel off. The silver paint and lacquer is blended out in such a way you will never see any join lines. Full refurbishments will require the wheels to be taken off at some point, but again the majority of the work is accomplished while the wheel is on. This helps us to easily rotate and repair damage from all angles so no bad bits are missed.

Give us a call to discuss your needs and we can give a free quote over the phone. For all four wheels to be refurbished usually requires most of the day. However, we can always repair two and come back and do another two later on, what ever is convenient for you.

Take a look at some of our repairs below. Some of the wheels have been pretty bad! However, they have all turned out perfectly in the end.

Alloy Wheel Set Refurbish August 4, 2016 - Seem to be doing lots of wheels at the moment! Had to refurbish this set of alloys, usually I don’t like doing ones with too many spokes. However these where only scuffed on the top of the spokes so didn’t need to do too much repair work. After a little sanding and a tad bit […]
Alloy Wheel Refurbish Damage Honda Alloy Wheel Refurbish December 18, 2015 - All four wheels on this Honda were fully refurbished. The damage was minimal but rust patches and paint flake was consistent over the surface. The effected areas are sanded and rubbed down ready for priming with undercoat. The wheel is then sprayed with silver and lacquered. We use high quality 2K lacquer that is durable, […]
Alloy Wheel To Be Recondition Alloy Wheel Refurbish March 24, 2015 - Many alloy wheels can be repaired by keeping the repair area local. However, there does come a time when a wheel is so badly scuffed all around that its easier to refurbish the whole wheel. In this example the wheel had certainly seen better days. The wheel is cleaned up and rubbed down with the […]
scuffed wheel damage Alloy Wheel Scuff February 28, 2015 - Clipping curbs can really spoil those wheels. Here a quick repair is made on the wheel while its still on, the end result is flawless.