Black Wing Repair

This wing had a nasty scratch and dent, luckily not touching the door. The back corner of the bumper also needed attention. The problem when wings are dented is the sharp edge you get going around the wheel arch is often flattened and as a result not only does the dent need fixing, but that edge needs building up too. Using a decent body filler and sanding techniques, mostly by hand the edge can be made sharp again.

Black Wing Repair

Back Corner Of Van

This van got a nasty knock from behind, the black plastic bumper was squished and the back arch was also dented. The door hinge also needed some attention. With some wiggling about to get things back into alignment it was then just a matter of body repair. The black bumper was repaired first, then the white metal on the wing and door was tackled. Once it was completed nobody would ever know, one happy van driver again.

Van Damage Back Corner Repaired


Door and Wheel Arch Repair

A door and wheel arch repair on a white Ford KA. As white is an easy colour to work with (black being the opposite), this damaged wheel arch and door could be sprayed. Usually large panels are outside the scope of the SMART system, however lacquer can easily be blended out with no visible feather lines.

After a bit of polish the repair is complete and looks as good as new.

Door Arch Repair

Minor Wheel Arch Scuff

A little scuff repair on a wheel arch, it may be minor but for the customer sometimes these can be the most annoying. Having a body repair shop do the job can be pricey and often not justifiable for something so small. However this is where a SMART repair makes the most sense. We come to you so its convenient and we can repair the scuff for a fraction of the cost. The paint is blended in perfectly and lacquered to give it a nice new look again.

scuff wheel arch repair