Toyota 4×4 Wing Repair

This 4×4 Toyota in a lovely green (well I think it is) had a nasty bump on its wing. After some┬ápanel beating, a little filler and a few good rub downs with primer the wing was ready to be sprayed with a base coat (colour) and a nice thick top coat (lacquer).

Wing Toyota Damage Repaired

Minor Wheel Arch Scuff

A little scuff repair on a wheel arch, it may be minor but for the customer sometimes these can be the most annoying. Having a body repair shop do the job can be pricey and often not justifiable for something so small. However this is where a SMART repair makes the most sense. We come to you so its convenient and we can repair the scuff for a fraction of the cost. The paint is blended in perfectly and lacquered to give it a nice new look again.

scuff wheel arch repair