Bumper Repairs

We specialise in all types of bumper repairs. With the position of bumpers on cars, it’s a fact that they will most likely be the first part to be scuffed, dented or cracked from bumps to little bangs. Due to their plastic nature a small compression such as reversing into a small object can have devastating damage.¬†Smarter Cars prides its self on being a bumper repair specialist. You would be amazed at what can actually be repaired, so before you head off to an expensive garage for a new bumper and full respray…. give us a call for a free quote. Most of the time the cost will be cheaper then your car insurance excess and as a result of you not making a claim your ‘no claims bonus’ will be protected. We also come to your home or place of work, as long as we have a spot to work and can be supplied an electrical outlet.


Large Wing Dent Large wing repair February 3, 2020 - This repair is much larger than a smart repair would usually do. However, luckily enough the bumper brackets where not broken, just severely bent. These actually bent back into place fairly easy. Due to this the wing could then be panel beat back into the proper shape. Once this was done it was just a […]
White Bumper Split White Mini Bumper Split November 7, 2017 - This mini had a few nasty bashes from behind and as a result a split and hole appeared in the back bumper. A garage wanted to replace the whole bumper obviously as a cost. Using plastic welding techniques specific to SMART repairs the bumper was easily repaired and will be as strong as if it […]
Van Damage Back Corner Back Corner Of Van September 27, 2017 - This van got a nasty knock from behind, the black plastic bumper was squished and the back arch was also dented. The door hinge also needed some attention. With some wiggling about to get things back into alignment it was then just a matter of body repair. The black bumper was repaired first, then the […]
blue back wing damage Blue Back Wing & Bumper Repair January 25, 2017 - Another victim of a driveway wall, the damage on this vehicle unfortunately not only damaged the bumper but put a nasty dent in the corner of the back wing. Using our SMART repair system the damage was repaired, paint and lacquer was blended out onto the wing panel and polished up. The blue metallic paint […]
Large Bumper Dent Large Bumper Dent September 10, 2016 - Im not so sure if this large bumper dent could have actually been any bigger, but using some special techniques 90% of the dent was popped back out leaving just some minor tweaks and paint work to complete. People often presume damage at this scale can not be repaired without a new bumper being fitted […]
Plastic Bumper Crack Plastic Bumper Split September 8, 2016 - This bumper suffered from something impacting it which resulted in the support bars behind the bumper pushing out causing a plastic bumper split. Many repair shops cant repair plastics, especially the black non painted bumpers. Luckily a SMART repair involves welding the plastic split together which not only makes it strong but prevents the crack […]
small split on bumper Small Bumper Split May 19, 2016 - This car had a small bumper split, but was quite deep. After being given some very high quotes nearly in the four figure mark the job came to Smarter Cars. The repair was completed at the customers home in only a few hours. The cost was only in the two figure mark, one happy car […]
bumper repair plymouth Large Bumper Scuff on corner February 21, 2016 - This is a typical example of a scuffed bumper that Smarter Cars repair all the time. Once its finished, its as good as new. Took less then 3 hours and it can already be polished up.
plastic bumper deterioration Plastic Bumper Deterioration March 14, 2015 - Black plastic bumpers can also be repaired, in this example the bumper is really deteriorating, it really lets an other wise nice looking car down. Using specialist paints the bumper is restored to its original look.
Cracked Bumper Cracked Bumper Repair March 3, 2015 - Smarter Cars prides its self on being a bumper repair specialist. So no matter how small or large the damage is, it can be repaired. In this example some clients may have thought it was beyond a SMART repair. In many ways it is, but with the right expertise nearly anything can be accomplished.