Large wing repair

This repair is much larger than a smart repair would usually do. However, luckily enough the bumper brackets where not broken, just severely bent. These actually bent back into place fairly easy. Due to this the wing could then be panel beat back into the proper shape. Once this was done it was just a matter of repairing the wing ready for spraying.

Large Wing Dent Shape
Large Wing Dent Repair

Black Wing Repair

This wing had a nasty scratch and dent, luckily not touching the door. The back corner of the bumper also needed attention. The problem when wings are dented is the sharp edge you get going around the wheel arch is often flattened and as a result not only does the dent need fixing, but that edge needs building up too. Using a decent body filler and sanding techniques, mostly by hand the edge can be made sharp again.

Black Wing Repair

Blue Back Wing & Bumper Repair

Another victim of a driveway wall, the damage on this vehicle unfortunately not only damaged the bumper but put a nasty dent in the corner of the back wing. Using our SMART repair system the damage was repaired, paint and lacquer was blended out onto the wing panel and polished up. The blue metallic paint was mixed up in the back of the van and tweaked for a perfect match.

Car Make Over

Spent a day going over this car and giving it a make over. It had damage on the front wing, at the bottom of both doors and other various scuffs around all four corners of the bumper.




As it was the value of the car would be severely impacted, not to mention that look was not good. After a days work the car is looking 100% better! Both doors and the back wing where repaired as well as bumper corners, wing mirror casing scuffs and various other marks, some of which could be polished out.

End Result









Toyota 4×4 Wing Repair

This 4×4 Toyota in a lovely green (well I think it is) had a nasty bump on its wing. After some┬ápanel beating, a little filler and a few good rub downs with primer the wing was ready to be sprayed with a base coat (colour) and a nice thick top coat (lacquer).

Wing Toyota Damage Repaired

Dents in wing – Blue Rover

Dents in wing on this blue rover. Even though the dents where fairly minor the actual wing had been pulled out by a large margin. Putting a straight edge along side it showed how far it needed to be banged back into place. If only the dents where repaired then it would look ok looking at it straight on, but from the side it would have looked odd.


Dent Wing Fix

Large Wing Repair

Here a wing has been badly crushed in, damaging the front indicator too. Most garages will want to replace the whole wing with an expensive cost attached.

Using special SMART techniques and tools the majority of the dent is pushed back into place. A flat surface is used to check for high spots which are also tapped back into place.


A special filler is used which will be rubbed down a number of times to regain a nice smooth surface.


Once the wing has been repaired a thick undercoat is applied. This will be rubbed down and re-applied a number of times until the surface is very smooth, scratch and blemish free.


A base coat (colour) is then applied taking care to ensure the paint blends in perfectly with the existing paint.


Finally a high quality lacquer is applied and blended in perfectly to hide any joining seams. A new indicator light is also fitted.


Basic Wing Repair

Wings are often scuffed just as much as bumpers, especially with small driveways. SMART repairs are designed to work within the affected area keeping it as local as possible, this way the new paint can be blended for a perfect match with no need to spray the whole wing.