Wing Mirrors

Nearly all wing mirrors can be repaired, we specialise in not only the scuffs and scratches, but often reconstructing them from disastrous drive by knocks. Casings easily split and shatter, but using special techniques they can be put back together and resprayed. You will never know the difference, so before heading off to buy an expensive replacement, give us a call. See some of the repairs here on our blog.

wing mirror repair Wing Mirror Fix September 28, 2015 - Using specialist techniques wing mirrors can be re-attached and repaired. Dont resort to parcel tape! Give Smarter Cars a call.
Wing Mirror Plastic Flaking Off Wing Mirror Plastic Flaking March 24, 2015 - In this repair the wing mirror casing was fine, but the plastic by the window was flaking away. The plastic was rubbed down, primed and sprayed black using specialist paints designed for plastic.    
Wing Mirror Damage Wing Mirror Reconstruction February 28, 2015 - A wing mirror reconstruction example of a repair. This is a typical hit and run drive by on those pesky wing mirrors sticking out. It can be pretty devastating not only to you, but the wing mirror too. However, using special techniques the mirror can be reconstructed again. Minimal filler is needed and any small bits that […]