Large wing repair

This repair is much larger than a smart repair would usually do. However, luckily enough the bumper brackets where not broken, just severely bent. These actually bent back into place fairly easy. Due to this the wing could then be panel beat back into the proper shape. Once this was done it was just a matter of repairing the wing ready for spraying.

Large Wing Dent Shape
Large Wing Dent Repair

White Mini Bumper Split

This mini had a few nasty bashes from behind and as a result a split and hole appeared in the back bumper. A garage wanted to replace the whole bumper obviously as a cost. Using plastic welding techniques specific to SMART repairs the bumper was easily repaired and will be as strong as if it was new. All work guaranteed, done at home/work place and at a fraction of the price.

Black Wing Repair

This wing had a nasty scratch and dent, luckily not touching the door. The back corner of the bumper also needed attention. The problem when wings are dented is the sharp edge you get going around the wheel arch is often flattened and as a result not only does the dent need fixing, but that edge needs building up too. Using a decent body filler and sanding techniques, mostly by hand the edge can be made sharp again.

Back Corner Of Van

This van got a nasty knock from behind, the black plastic bumper was squished and the back arch was also dented. The door hinge also needed some attention. With some wiggling about to get things back into alignment it was then just a matter of body repair. The black bumper was repaired first, then the white metal on the wing and door was tackled. Once it was completed nobody would ever know, one happy van driver again.

Large Bumper Dent

Im not so sure if this large bumper dent could have actually been any bigger, but using some special techniques 90% of the dent was popped back out leaving just some minor tweaks and paint work to complete. People often presume damage at this scale can not be repaired without a new bumper being fitted which would have been very costly. As this was a repair and completed on-site the customer only paid a fraction of the cost and did have to go out their way to have repaired.

Plastic Bumper Split

This bumper suffered from something impacting it which resulted in the support bars behind the bumper pushing out causing a plastic bumper split. Many repair shops cant repair plastics, especially the black non painted bumpers. Luckily a SMART repair involves welding the plastic split together which not only makes it strong but prevents the crack from coming back. Special fillers and plastic paints are used to finish the repair.